Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Get Tested!

So many people are spending a lot more time indoors these days. During our time spent outdoors, we are warned to cover our skin and wear sunscreen. We need sunlight to shine upon our skin in order to make the vitamin D our bodies need yet we must be cautious not to let our skin burn. More or less exposure time is needed depending on how close to the equator we live. Most of us will not be able to get enough in the winter. I worry about my parents who spend little to no time outside all year. Our best bet is to get a blood test, know our vitamin D level for summer AND winter. We can take enough Vitamin D supplements to maintain a healthy level. Go on and get tested!


  1. With my new found interest in this "epidemic" [thanks to you Sunshine] I have been reading more blogs and forums on the subject. And there seems to be little written about vitamin D levels for infants. Do you think this is an issue for the small kids, or is this an "adult onset" thing. I am thinking the vegan children need to be really careful with vitamin D like they need to be with their B12. Would love to know your thinking.

  2. Thanks Ray and yes! It sure is a problem for infants. The latest RDA for newborns is 400IU and some experts think this is too little although a step in the right direction.

    Rickets in infants and children is on the rise not only in undeveloped countries but also in the USA and UK. Low vitamin D levels during pregnancy are thought to contribute and breast milk has been found to be too low in vitamin D. Expectant Moms should have their vitamin D levels checked.