Friday, October 8, 2010

Losing Weight With Vitamin D3

I have lost 30 pounds in the year and a half since I was diagnosed with severe vitamin D deficiency. I am convinced that my own weight loss is a direct result of of my increased blood level of vitamin D.

My level was only 18 at my initial diagnoses and was considered severe. Over the first year, I reached a level between 35 and 45. At the end of the first year, I had lost 12 pounds. That's 1 pound per month. Honestly, I can not identify any other variables that would have contributed to my slow but steady weight loss. I do believe that higher Vitamin D levels must boost metabolism.

I gained a lot of weight in the 3 years after my bout with Valley Fever which I shared in a  previous post. Since I spent 3 years with little to no sun exposure, my Vitamin D level obviously dropped drastically and would seem to be linked to the drop in my metabolism.

Over the next months, taking Vitamin D3, my level continued to rise. I saw the rate of weight loss grew to almost 2 pounds per month. Although I am sure that a good diet would help me lose weight, my own experience convinced me that my vitamin D level is just as important.

I'm looking forward to losing another 20 pounds and returning to what I consider my normal weight. Wouldn't that be amazing? I'll let you know when I reach my goal!

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  1. Update: 4 days ago, I woke up with a sore throat, cough and runny nose. Several people where I work had full blown colds or flu. The next day I felt better and all symptoms were gone by the 3rd day. Maybe it was just allergies but sick folks around the office suffered for a week or more.