Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

I have put together a list of the top symptoms reported to me from all of the people I know who have been diagnosed with Vitamin D Deficiency. Many of these same symptoms are also being reported to me by those that I suspect are Vitamin D Deficient but have not been tested. Some are symptoms that I have even experienced myself. I included actual comments made by sufferers after each Vitamin D Deficiency Symptom and would be interested to hear of any other experiences as well. Anything you could share would be appreciated by me and others who might be seeking more information. Be sure to use the comment section located just below this post to add your knowledge.
Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms:

1. Fatigue - "I feel tired all the time" and "I am having trouble sleeping" and "I have trouble waking up in the morning"
2. Pain in the joint area - "I sprained my ankle walking up a flight of stairs" and "I sprained my wrist just getting up from the chair"
3. Pain in the feet - "The bottoms of my feet hurt when I walk" and "My heels hurt"
4. Pain in the hips - "I have pain in my hips and it feels like it's deep inside the bone"
5. General pain - "I hurt all over" and "I can't quite pinpoint where the actual pain is. It's like it's deep inside" and "I take Ibuprofen all the time"
6. Muscle weakness - "I can't lift as much as I used to" and "I don't have any energy anymore"
7. General Malaise - "I don't feel like myself" and "I feel like I am always coming down with something or like I am about to get sick"
8. Feeling old - "I feel like my body is done, I am just old now" and "I think I have arthritis"
9. Illness - " I get sick more than I used to" and "I never used to get the flu"
10. Cramps - " I have cramps in my legs and I never did before" and I get cramps all the time in my back like, when I roll over in bed"
11. Cholesterol - "I have high colesterol and can't seem to keep it in check even with meds" and "My triglycerides are all out of whack"
12. Weight gain - "My metabolism has slowed down from what it used to be" and "I excersise and eat right but I can't lose weight"
13. Arthritis - " My doctor told me I have Rheumatoid Arthritis" and "My vitamin D level is 30 and my doctor says that is a good level"
14. Depression - "I feel sad all the time because of the pain" and "I can't enjoy life the way I used to"
15. Osteoporosis - "I had a bone scan and they said it showed Osteopenic" and "My doctor told me I need more calcium"
16. Rickets - "My child was diagnosed with Rickets even though she drinks milk. We are giving her vitamin D supplements now"
17. Periodontal Disease - "I floss my teeth but my gums are always inflamed" and "I had to have two of my teeth pulled because the bone around them was deteriorating."

As you can see, most of these symptoms, on their own, seem to be "just part of the process of aging" or something requiring medication of some kind. Since there is a chance that they are actually Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms, ask your health care provider to check your Vitamin D level. Learn about Vitamin D, how it works, what affects the absorption rates of it, etc. If you are deficient, and with the knowledge, you can take control for yourself and work to get your Vitamin D up to a healthy level and keep it there.

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  1. I feel like i'm walking through treacle all the time.My joints hurt and I did think I was getting old but i'm only 36!!I feel weak and sore and had really restless sleep. Didn't get any information from the Doctor,other than he gave me meds and told me to come back in 6 months for another blood test. Thank you for being here with better info. x

  2. That made me remember that I had trouble sleeping and I had what I thought was "restless leg syndrome" It was weird because I had this urge to keep moving my legs. Even though I was exhausted, I felt like I had to get up and walk around. Hmm.. it was sort of like mild muscle spasms in my legs. Funny how I did not remember that until I saw your comment. Thanks and I hope you find relief soon.

  3. I had aching pain in my legs, but it didn't feel like muscles, more like the bones deep inside. It would wake me up and I'd move my legs around, straighten them, etc. trying to relieve the ache. If I got up and walked around, it would get better, but as soon as I got in bed, it would start. Once I dreamt I had bone cancer it ached in my sleep so bad. I've been taking 5,000 units a day since the end of September, and finally am sleeping decently and restsfully. I've only woke with leg aches twice in the past two weeks, and it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been.

  4. Vitamin D deficiency might lead to certain health problems such as these. Thanks for sharing that information.

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  5. Been to the doctors for years complaining of no energy and tingling in the extremities. No help. Some days I don't have the energy to sit up for more than 15 minutes at a time because my whole body hurts deep in the bones. Finally got I With a GYN doctor who prescribed 50000iu of vitamin D (weekly), I feel like a whole new person. The doctors I've seen in the past were all males. One of them actually told me that it was psychosomatic. If someone had given more attention to my labs (reports) before.....

  6. The main problem I have with stories like this is that the vitamin d tests are not always routine and because of this, many suffer needlessly. You have to ask for the test or your health care provider must request it. It really should be routine. Some argue that it would increase costs but I'm pretty sure everyone gets that it is cheaper for me to get tested and treated so I can stay healthy and keep my costs down in the long run. Someone, however, will lose money if people stop needing drugs for high cholesterol, diebetes etc.

  7. This is the best list I have come across!!! I have most of these symptoms and have had them for years..also now I have a fever,with heat and chills alternating. Don't know if this is related. I am taking Vit D now and hope that this helps asap, otherwise I will have to cancel any ideas of travel. i9 have had to knock back so many invitations and feel bad about that. I feel like an old lady and can barely move soemtimes. Other days I am OK.
    I was diagnosed with Vit D Deficiency this week.
    I feel dreadful today