Sunday, January 23, 2011

Diabetes Blood Sugar and Vitamin D Deficiency

In an earlier post, I discussed my father's experience with Diabetes and Vitamin D Deficiency. I have an incredible update to add!

For years, my brother has also struggled with Diabetes and his blood sugar levels. In the morning, before eating, his level was always above 200. He has been taking 8000IU of Vitamin D3 daily for the last 3 months. His morning blood sugar level is now consistently around 106! He is supposed to be between 65 and 115 so this is incredible news! After eating, he drops to the 80s so he is completely in the normal range. My father, who is also taking the same dose of Vitamin D3 daily, is also in the normal range.

I am even more outraged at the IOM, for the disgraceful recommendations for intake of Vitamin D. My brother and father have added even more proof to convince me that they are wrong. Diabetes numbers in this country alone (23.6 million in 2007) is enough to prove them wrong now that I have seen Vitamin D3 in action.

If you have Diabetes, get your blood tested to find out your Vitamin D level. Do it now, don't wait and don't forget to vote in the poll I have provided on this page.


  1. I was diagnosed with insulin dependant diabetes over 2 years ago and have always been very hard to control. A few days ago new blood work showed that I also suffer from vitamin D insufficiency (bloodwork showed 22) and 3000IU of vitamin D3 daily was recommended. My Dr plans to recheck me in 3 months but this post really gives me hope that getting my vitamin D straightened out will give me better control. Thanks for posting!

  2. I've struggled with low blood sugar for the past ten years. A random blood test showed my Vitamin D levels were dangerously low (at 10). After three months of 6000 units/day, I'm a completely different person. Before, my body could not process sugar. Now, I can eat chocolate without turning into a manic mess. Amazing!

  3. At 10, you're lucky you weren't breaking bones! Glad to hear from folks who are getting tested and then starting treatment. The results can be dramatic!

  4. Is diabetes hereditary? Well that's the case always make sure to check on your sugar level so that it will be treated.

  5. We had a dreadful time managing my son's hypoglycemia during the winter months. Supplementing with vitamin D3 has been amazing - his blood sugar levels are remarkably stable. I think this vitamin plays a significant role in stabilizing blood sugar for hypoglycemics as well as diabetics.