Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vitamin D Deficiency And Efficiency

It has been some time since I was diagnosed with Vitamin D Deficiency and I have since been able to retire after almost 30 years from my job. Now I have more free time so I should be able to get regular mid-day sun exposure. Unfortunately, that isn't the case yet since I have a lot of neglected work to do at home. A lot of it is indoors.

Now that Autumn has arrived, the days are shorter and the sun is moving farther away each day. Then there is the strange adjustment period of retiring after so many years. There are naps to take and my body clock says I must take them mid-day. I have to also admit (GROAN!) that I am much older now (double GROAN!) so my ability to make Vitamin D the natural way through sun exposure has diminished. It seems like only yesterday, I was in my teens, hiking and running around outdoors almost every day! We weren't using sunscreen in the 1970s.

I get lazy and  I do not always take my Vitamin D3 supplements. I think my brain is on overload sometimes but that is no excuse. What I find so interesting is that my body retaliates pretty quickly. If I miss a few doses, the first thing that happens is, I get pain on the top of my feet which is a very strange sensation for me. When I go too long, I start in with lower back pain and I seem to catch a cold or some other crud. I immediately start on a 4 day regimen of 10,000 to 15,000 IUs per day and the symptoms subside.

I had read an article awhile back that mentioned Vitamin D Receptors in the body and that they can die off. It makes me wonder if that is the case for me. I know now, that I was deficient for at least 10 years and probably longer. It was 10 or 15 years before that, when I was diagnosed with Periodontal Disease. I was so surprised because I brushed and flossed every day and took special care with my teeth since I had had braces. I was very frustrated because all that work did not seem to matter. Now I realize, it may have actually been caused by Vitamin D Deficiency. That would have been about 5 years after I started working full time and away from sun exposure.

I need to see what I can find about receptors and how they work. For now, I am back among the living, adjusting to being retired. I have no excuses to forget taking my Vitamin D3. If it is true about these receptors, I want to keep the ones I have left.