Monday, January 8, 2018

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi

As a victim of long-term, undiagnosed Vitamin D Deficiency, I suffered the effects
which profoundly interfered with my daily life. So much was lost over those years.
Time, productivity, relationships, etc. Before I was ready to grieve the loss, I
wanted to do something to reach out to others who may be suffering and like me,
believed that it was simply the normal course of aging. Granted, I was only in my
20s when I started losing teeth and suffering repeated, unexplained aches, pains,
inflammation and infections. For many years, doctors continued to tell me it was
part of aging or normal for my age and to “take this medication.” I was not
diagnosed with severe Vitamin D Deficiency until I reached my late 40s. With
treatment, I experienced a medication/pain-free existence and this was profound.

I created this blog to help others wake up and maybe help them to reach a place
where they would have a better quality of life. I ran with this idea and put a lot of
heart, soul, research and time into this. At the suggestion of another, I opened a
Vitamin D Deficiency Syndrome group on FB to see if we could reach more
people. We endeavored to make and keep the group public to reach as many
people as possible and include those who are not really “joiners” but want and
need information. The group took off thanks to the work of my partner and other
group members we now have over 10,000 members. As a collective, members
collaborate and share their own experience and research, much of which has
been used to create a Vitamin D Protocol.

At that point, the grief process washed over me and I stopped blogging. So much
of my life had been robbed from me and the urge to “make up for lost time” took
over. Many changes, good and bad came over my life and now I had the physical
and emotional stamina to face and embrace them. I needed to give myself
permission to live and to love, to process what happened to me and all that I had
lost because of it. I have done just that! My life is not perfect, I have ups and
downs but I would not trade the life I have now for anything else in the world!

I am grateful for this platform which allowed me to reach others who needed
information and to know that what was happening to them was real, treatable with
Vitamin D3 and that they are not alone. I give most of the credit to the scholars
and researchers who made their information and in some cases, their life’s work
available. These include people like Robert P. Heaney, Michael Holick, John
Cannell, Bruce Hollis, Reinhold Vieth and Carol Baggerly to name a few.
Number one on my list is my Family Nurse Practitioner who diagnosed me when
all my MDs missed it over many years. She truly gave me my life back. I’m sure
she has done this for countless others and surely, continues to this day.

Remember, just when you think things will only get worse, your life can change
with tried and true information. It happened for me and so many others. The
information is available and we had to work hard to find it and put it all together.
I hope you will consider visiting the sites linked above where you will find many
informative links to help on this journey. Remember too, the FB group will always
be public so don’t share anything personal that you don’t want friends and family
to see.

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